Pay It Forward - Mentor A Dental Therapy Student

Did you know that research has shown mentorships significantly improve mentees' performance in the professional realm compared to those without a mentor? Students who participate in mentorships not only have increased networking opportunities but also report higher satisfaction with their programs and careers. Mentorship is a powerful tool and resource for improving personally and professionally, and you can be a part of this transformative journey. 

As students are faced with numerous challenges during their educational journey, your role as a mentor becomes crucial. Forming a mentoring relationship can significantly ease the difficulties that come along with being a student. Having a role model like you will lead to professional development and enhanced support as there is more relatability and understanding on both ends. 

Mentorships for students offer a variety of benefits, such as networking opportunities, a support system and meaningful connections, improved mental health and fulfillment, new perspectives and shared knowledge, improved communication, and much more. Not only is it useful for students, but it is also beneficial for mentors. Being a mentor can rejuvenate your career, increase confidence, identify fresh perspectives for your practice or organization, allow you to develop coaching and mentoring skills, contribute to personal fulfillment, and much more. 

The ADTA is offering a new mentorship program for dental therapy students. We are seeking dental therapists who are interested in nurturing the professional growth of students in dental therapy education programs. 

Become a Mentor Today!

Together, we can make a difference in oral health care and advance the profession of dental therapy by nurturing and supporting the next generation of dental therapists.

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