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ADTA President Sarah Chagnon

Sarah Chagnon 

“Becoming a dental therapist has been one of the best decisions I've made in my life. I love providing the best care I can to my patients while providing overall dental support to my community. For the first time in my life, I'm making a difference. Dental Therapists can bridge the access to care gap, and my goal is to help make that possible.”

Sarah Chagnon, Dental Therapist, is a practicing provider working at the Swinomish Dental Clinic located in LaConner, Washington. Sarah is a proud member of the Swinomish Tribe and graduate of the Alaska Dental Therapy Education Program at Ilisagvik College. She takes special pride in working with dental therapy students to support them in advancing their professional and personal goals. 

Kari Ann Kuntzelman ADTA President-ElectKari Ann Kuntzelman

“Dental therapy is an essential part of improving the quality, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness of oral health care for all Americans. We can achieve oral health parity, but it will require policy change, state-by-state, clinic-by-clinic. Fortunately, ADTA is up for the fight.”

Kari Ann Kuntzelman, Licensed Dental Therapist, shares her passion for oral health equity where she works as the Dental Health Aide Education Specialist at the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board – an organization that serves the health policy and public health needs of the forty-three federally recognized Tribes of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. As the ADTA President, Kari Ann aims to advance the practice of dental therapy as a means for ending oral health care disparities across the nation. Kari Ann is a proud member of the Chickasaw Nation and graduate of the Alaska Dental Therapy Education Program at Ilisagvik College.

Anna DeGraffenreid ADTA SecretaryAnna DeGraffenreid

“The U.S. has so many underserved communities when it comes to oral health. Dental therapists can address these gaps. If given the opportunity, we can increase access to oral health care in a cost-effective way without compromising quality. It’s what we are trained to do.” 

Anna DeGraffenreid, Dental Therapist, is a licensed provider working for the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation in Inchelium, Washington, at the Lake Roosevelt Community Health Center. Anna is a proud member of the Coeur d'Alene Tribe and graduate of the Alaska Dental Therapy Education Program at Ilisagvik College. She takes pride in building trusting relationships with patients and making dental visits, inviting, comfortable and high-quality for everyone who walks in the clinic door.

Mark Kobylinsky, ADTA TreasurerMark Kobylinsky

“I love my work. Dental therapy can help increase access to dental care nationwide. More people need to hear our stories!”

Mark Kobylinsky, Licensed Dental Therapist
, is a practicing provider at Willamette Dental in Portland, Oregon. Mark is a graduate of the Dental Therapy Education Program at Pacific University. He enjoys working with ADTA members to ensure their experience is honored and their stories are told.

Claire Roesler
MN State Representative

“Something many people don’t know is that dental therapists provide cost-effective care. In fact, the reimbursement value of the care that dental therapists deliver often far exceeds the costs of their employment. This makes dental therapists a budget-friendly way clinics can expand their services and meet demand!” 

Claire Roesler, Dental Hygiene Therapist and Dental Therapist, works at Compass Dental located in Cannon Falls, MN. Claire attended the University of Minnesota, where she received a B.S. in Dental Hygiene and Master of Dental Therapy.