Minnesota Dental Therapy Association

The ADTA proudly sponsored the Minnesota Dental Therapy Association (MDTA) conference in 2022. Recordings from the MDTA conference are now available and can be viewed by clicking on this link. Program recordings include the following:


Bringing Dental Therapy to Life in Minnesota: Past, Present & Future

Keynote Speaker: Colleen M. Brickle, EdD, RDH


The Positive Impacts of Dental Therapists on Organizational Productivity and Staff and Patient Satisfaction

Dr. Michael Helgeson, DDS, Co-Founder & CEO of Apple Tree Dental

Heather Luebben, RDH, ADT, BSDH, MSOHP


Non-Invasive Clinical Protocols: SDF and GIC for Arresting and Inhibiting Dental Caries

Dr. John Echternach, DDS


Imparting Wisdom: Surgical and Non-Surgical Management of Erupted and Impacted Third Molars

Dr. Erik Ziegler, DDS, MD


Dental Therapy Unity: Leading A Revolution in Oral Healthcare Equity

Kari Ann Kuntzelman, DT, Past-President of the ADTA


Dental Therapy in Minnesota: Pilot, Progress & Perspective

Dr. Prasida Khanali, BDS, MPH


Evolution of Dental Therapy

Christy Jo Fogarty, RDH, ADT, BSDH, MSOHP